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With your team name, members name and mail I’d?? Nd The registration date was till 11th September…
But try this. It might be work


We haven’t received the links for live sessions yet . Are we supposed to wait?

I haven’t received the live sessions link yet: What am i supposed to do?

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You should’ve received an email yesterday from our team. Here’s the link to day 1 session:

I haven’t received the link to the live session for yesterday. Can u say even whther u will send today or not?

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Hello Hari,
You can link to join the live sessions here: YM Academy Invitation

Hola Hackers!

I’m Vartika Verma from Yellow Messenger and I head marketing for YM globally. The more interesting fact about me Is that I built the Billy Bot on Yellow Messenger using the easy-breezy blot flow builder!
Look forward to seeing many interesting bots coming from this hackathon!



Hello! this is Masoom Ali .I’m CSE final year student. I am so excited that i’m gonna learn a very new thing. i wish i will get the knowledge what i expecting.

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Welcome to the YM community Masoom Ali! :tada:
We’re excited to have you here! :star_struck:

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I am Sudheer Bandaru, a final year Electronics Engineering student. I am very much interested in virtual assistants, bots and coding stuff. I have built a voice assistant last month. This will be a great opportunity to showcase the talent we have got. Thanks YM for such an opportunity.

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Thankyou Pratik, i know its been long without any activity from my side and i was not able to complete my challenge due to some personnal reasons

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Hi Pratik,
I want to know how to integrate Uipath with YM
Can you suggest me how to do it.



The integration will be API based. We have a marketplace component
(WIP)where we have integrated with UiPath Orchestrator.

You can make use of the UiPath Orchestrator API guide to perform various actions based on the User response.

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Thank you @Jishnu_Mishra
Since i’m new to YM,
Can you please elaborate the concept how to move forward.

Hey Ganesh,

If you are aware of the concept of API consumption using Postman or any other tool. it should be very simple.
The below document will guide you on the steps of consuming an API using YM platform


I am Deepak Karunakaran from NeST IT attended 3 days training session. I have experience in application development , security testing uipath automation . I wanted to explore on AI chatbots

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Hi I am Taranvir from H&R Block working as a Associate Software Engineer. I attended the training of Bot Development which looked pretty insightful and impressive. I am Looking forward for more such Bot Development trainings with yellow Messenger!!

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Welcome to the YM community Deepak! :slightly_smiling_face: