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Sir I am from Parul University B tech First Year and i want to learn About UI Bots


Sure Varun! We’ve a UI based bot builder feature on the YM platform.

Welcome to the YM community Tariro! :tada:

I’m Subhiksha and yeah this platform is pretty new to me. Still figuring things out in here. I’m persuing my BE in ECE. I’m not a noob noob when it comes to coding but yeah there are a lotta stuffs I don’t know and wanna know. Hope to learn amazing stuffs here :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the YM community Jayant! :star_struck:
Congratulations on winning the Smart India Hackathon :tada:
Since you’re well versed in NLP you might be interested in how at YM use NLP to create cutting edge chatbots:

I would even appreciate a mild guidance from the community in case i have some doubts regarding the functioning of the community as well as the training sessions .

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Heyy all !!! Am Jaskeerat Singh from GGSIPU and am a developer .Joined a massive hackathon like this first time and very excited for it

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Welcome to the YM community Jaskeerat! :star_struck:
We’re excited to have you here :sunglasses:

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Welcome to the YM community Subhiksha! :sunglasses:

If you’ve any questions please feel free to post it here on the community! Our lovely community members and YM developers would love to answer it.

Welcome to the YM community Sahana! :tada:

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Sir from where I can start my learning like am totally new to this all . So where I can get access to tutorials

We’ll be hosting YM Academy for all participants where you can learn more about the YM platform! :wink:
Meanwhile, you can check out our blog to know more about the YM platform:

Welcome to the YM community Retheshna! :tada:

Welcome to the YM community Sayali! :tada:

Welcome to the YM community Ammi! :star_struck:

thank you

what is the level of difficulty in this game of blot…is it safe

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Hi! My name is Jasroop Singh and i am pursuing B.Tech in CS.

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Hello All,

I am Jaseel.Super excited to try out YM. Looking forward to the training sessions.

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Welcome to the YM community Jasroop! :tada: