Introduce yourself

Hey guys!
I’m Jaykirit.C.P, a 2nd year undergraduate student pursuing CSE at SRM IST,Chennai,TN.
I also work at a startup company called Cybernaut with aspiring young students whose primary focus is education management.
This is my first Hackathon and I intend to learn a lot. Competing with people from different professional backgrounds seems to be really exciting. Looking forward to have a great experience :slight_smile:

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Hi there!
I’m Raina. I’m a final year engineering student. I come to know this through the FACE platform. Just a curiosity and here I’m writing to you! When I was in the first year I got an exposure to Dialogflow. It was a cool Hackathon event. This opportunity made me just ping my mates and made them all register. Hope to create cool stuff collaborating with you!

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Welcome to the YM community Chaitra! We’re excited to have you here too! :star_struck: :tada:

Welcome to the YM community Raina and team! Hackathon is more fun with mates, isn’t it? :sunglasses:

Welcome to the YM community Jaykirit! :star_struck:
We’re really excited to have you here too! :tada:

Welcome to the YM community Jatin! :slightly_smiling_face:

hello i am Aaditya Pareek i am in 2nd year cse

This is Soumyadeep, and I am from SIT(Silicon Institute of technology, BBSR).I am new to this community. I am excited to for this. hope from this I will enhance my knowledge whis will helpful in future learning, exploring,competing in this hackathon. But sir till now, me with my team unable to connect hear as a team in this platform. Also we are not updated how, when, this YA will start. and how should we connect to this.

Mail here >

[email protected]

With your team name, members name and mail I’d?? Nd The registration date was till 11th September…
But try this. It might be work


We haven’t received the links for live sessions yet . Are we supposed to wait?

I haven’t received the live sessions link yet: What am i supposed to do?

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You should’ve received an email yesterday from our team. Here’s the link to day 1 session:

I haven’t received the link to the live session for yesterday. Can u say even whther u will send today or not?

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Hello Hari,
You can link to join the live sessions here: YM Academy Invitation

Hola Hackers!

I’m Vartika Verma from Yellow Messenger and I head marketing for YM globally. The more interesting fact about me Is that I built the Billy Bot on Yellow Messenger using the easy-breezy blot flow builder!
Look forward to seeing many interesting bots coming from this hackathon!



Hello! this is Masoom Ali .I’m CSE final year student. I am so excited that i’m gonna learn a very new thing. i wish i will get the knowledge what i expecting.

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Welcome to the YM community Masoom Ali! :tada:
We’re excited to have you here! :star_struck:

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I am Sudheer Bandaru, a final year Electronics Engineering student. I am very much interested in virtual assistants, bots and coding stuff. I have built a voice assistant last month. This will be a great opportunity to showcase the talent we have got. Thanks YM for such an opportunity.

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