YM Academy Day 1 QnA

i too facing the same prblm??
did u come out of it?

Nope… Iam still facing the problem.
Maybe we must try with training with more user expressions…

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Yeah Preethi! You can add more utterance and try to use different model to train.

is default journey used for only welcoming purpose or else we can create any other steps?

When i am using the chatbot, after all the greeting when i say hi it is showing the menu and again when i say hi it is typing its message. So what is my doubt is after all the greeting whatever word i send it is showing me the menu. @Pratik

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my bot is responding even for untrained utterances.How can i over come this issue?

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I can get response for my greetings only after second time. How can I make it respond back with Hello at the first attempt?

Saideepak, you need to add more utterance and try to use a different model to train.
Also, don’t forget to refresh the page once you’ve trained the model.

Hi, I get a ‘URL not supported’ when adding an image (by URL) to a card.
Screenshot from 2020-09-22 18-13-59

The URL is https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1531333053l/269322.jpg
The image is previewable though.

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sir i am unable to create chatbot i have entered the token still chabot is not created. can you help me?

@Pratik Can you please look at this query? Do I need to post future doubts in hackathon queries as they would be usually essential to answered on time?

Hello Shubham,
We’ve tested this on our side and this link totally works.

The same link doesn’t work on my end though :frowning:

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Not an issue Shubham, you can get us on a call with our team during the Game of Bots office hours. Kindly book your slot here: https://calendly.com/pratik-parmar/office-hours